- Mr. Dexter (Host): Welcome to the show, Bruce — COO of Moniwar.

- Mr. Bruce (Guest): So much thank you. I’m super proud to be here today and thank you Dexter for having me.

— — — — — — —


- Host: What is the plan that Moniwar had outlined for the short and long term, regarding project aspects such as Marketing, Product development, Partnership?

- Guest: Yes, long term of course.

1. Products: we spend most of our time and effort focusing on developing and launching the game at its best version possible, gradually opening up the features of game play and gamefi that we believe are interesting and crucial to attract and keep our community to stay.

2. Marketing: strengthen partner cooperation, AMA, collaborate with gaming KOls

- Community events:

- Players expansion: continue to deploy AMA sessions, bounty programs, airdrops, collaborating with KOLs/Streamer (like yourself) to expand Moniwar’s presence and attract more players, In addition, our goal is to connect more chains, establishing Moniwar’s presence on multichain platforms.

3. About Partnership: we have close relationships with cex exchanges that we’re going to list Moniwar on, and constantly reach out for strategic partners to expand the market and approach international communities.

- Host: As I can see, Moniwar has gone through 3 batches of BlindBox, which means 3 rounds of pet sales. Can you share the numbers of those pets and their functions?

- Guest: Moniwar is selling blindbox batch 3, 2 batches before they are completed. The number up to now is 3700 pets. There are many features to use NFT in the near future, currently you can do many things like: mining, farming. The important feature is game play to earn, we need NFT pets to play the game.

- Host: What priorities and benefits do pet owners have?

- Guest: You basically can’t play the game without it. No pet means no play-to-earn

- Host: Does the project have any plans to develop the $MOWA token? What are the values of this token? What are the benefits of holding $MOWA?

- Guest: Currently, MOWA tokens are used to buy blind boxes to possess Pets, and those Pets also operate as NFTs to participate in and gain huge leverages from upcoming activities (market, ingame), or add LPs to participate in farming to increase profits . The features will be opened continuously to help investors to reuse and increase revenue from $MOWA tokens, so if you are MOWA holders, just be patient, because big prizes are on the way!

- Host: What are the project’s benefits for $MOWA’s holders and our early investors?

- Guest: Many thanks to the investors from the beginning for believing in the project. We are working hard every day to make the project more and more developed, you have put your faith in the project since it was not yet formed, now please keep your faith. I believe we will go further together.

- Host: Can you share more about the staking & farming features of Moniwar? When can we stake & farm tokens?

- Guest: Mining NFT: will use NFT to stake and earn $Mowa. Farm NFT: need 1 pair of liquidity + NFT to join earn $MOWA. Now you can participate in farming, according to the schedule. In a few days we will open the mining of NFT features, now you can maximize your profit from the amount of NFT holding.

- Host: What is Moniwar’s next 3 months — half year plan?

- Guest: We have a long-term plan for Moniwar. In the next 3 months, we will focus on releasing the basic features of the project, focusing on developing for our users: currently we are working with Game Guilds and also allied with other gamefi products in order to build a game guild for the common game ecosystem. Besides the connection for community, listing on centralized exchanges (CEX) is also in the roadmap plan. Currently, there are basically MOUs with more than 4 exchanges, we try to follow the roadmap of listing 1 exchange per month to expand the gamefi investor in addition to connecting the guild to convert more gamers.

— — — — — — —


Mr. Bruce will randomly pick 2 questions from the pre-AMA question Google Form.

- @park3N: Token inflation and high gas fees are a problem for many gamers at the moment. How will Moniwar avoid inflation as well as reduce gas fees for players?

- Guest: there are some methods we have in mind:

  • Moniwar token total supply cap is 300,000,000 , limited by this number, there is no token burn mechanism required.

- @vietpro8823: Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

- Guest:

  • Long-term vision: our CEO once shared about this. Moniwar is of course just the first brick in the ecological chain that the Moni team is planning to form. GameFI and NFTs projects are two of the hostest trends in the world of technologies right now, as we all witness so many new comers arising with lots of potentials. We have a dream that in the long run, we’ll be able to foster MoniHub — A platform that helps startups to develop their own projects, build their communities, find their markets and be successful in crypto and blockchain business world.

— — — — — — —


Guest will draw 3 best questions and answer directly.

1. ​@anhme710: Moniwar’s communication hasn’t been good lately, does the team have any direction to improve the quality of communication?

- Guest: Yes, indeed. On behalf of Moniwar, we admit that the processes of community communication is poorly managed, and for that — we’re truly sorry. There are initiatives to be conducted:

  • Community Manager restructuring: we going to assign them into certain period of time, so that there will be people available to communicate with our investors during the whole day

2. @kiemtien94961: What are the benefits to players with more NFTs than those with fewer NFTs?

- Guest: Thank you, great question. There are several significant advantages:

  • In-game progress: obviously when you got more pets, the chances for you to conquer Moniwar’s world, fighting monster, defeating bosses, dominate PvP & PvE mode are much higher, and therefore — you’ll earn more money and earn them faster, compared to others.



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