🐵 We are pleased to announce our new partner: ApeSwap — one of the leading exchanges on BSC.

The $MOWA token will also be available on ApeSwap in the next few days. Follow us so you don’t miss any news!!

[About ApeSwap] 🐵

As an AMM (Auto Market Maker), ApeSwap is a decentralized exchange with an average daily trading volume of $20 million — $25 million. Here, the liquidity is generated by the base user of this Dex. Accordingly, the platform will reward these users for their contributions in various ways.

ApeSwap.Finance has shown impressive growth in recent months. Specifically, ApeSwap has reached over $170 million in total locked tokens, averaging 200,000 monthly users. In which, the total trading volume amounted to 750 million USD. In addition, ApeSwap develops the partnerships with leading projects inside and outside the BSC ecosystem.

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👉Learn more about ApeSwap:
Website | Twitter | Telegram Channel | Telegram Group | Discord

👉Learn more about Moniwar:
Website | Telegram Group | Telegram Channel | Facebook | Twitter | Discord

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📌 Buy $MOWA here:

Official Contract: 0x411ec510c85c9e56271bf4e10364ffa909e685d9
🌟 PooCoin: https://bit.ly/MOWA-PooCoin
🌟 Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap
🌟 DEXTools: https://bit.ly/MOWA-DEXTools

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