We are excited to announce the collaboration between Moniwar and #ZukiMoba 🚀

‼️ With this cooperation, we will build a global entertainment platform based on blockchain technology, conquer the GameFi era together as well as support each other in developing direction and taking care of the community.

— — — — —

👉 About Zuki Moba:

Zuki Moba is a “snowball” MOBA game with a large metaverse and a huge amount of NFTs. With attractive gameplay, Zuki Moba is highly appreciated by experts and is expected to create a big explosion in blockchain technology.

Zuki Moba:
Website |Telegram | Medium |Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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👉 About Moniwar:

Moniwar is a Battle of Legend-style pet-collecting puzzle game, combined with ancient myths. The game is a combination of GamePad + NFT Yield Farming + GameFi Play to Earn, allowing players to experience and interact with NFT items across a vast multiverse world. Moniwar has now passed the Alpha Test phase and is rushing to prepare for the game’s launch at the end of November 2021.

Website | Telegram Group | Telegram Channel | Facebook | Twitter

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