1 min readDec 28, 2021


“An oz of luck is better than a pound of wisdom” is just an old saying. Nowadays, if you have a dozen of lucky charms in your hand, you can ensure your pet strengthening to be successful no matter how bad your luck is 😆

👉 Here are some tips for you:

- Lucky Charms are used to increase the success rate of Pet upgrades at high levels.

- There are many types of Lucky Charms. High level Charms will increase the success rate more.

- You can collect Charm through game feature, events, or buy them at the marketplace.

And don’t forget to refer the previous post to know the use of NFTs in the game!

💎 Part 1 — Upgrading Gem:


💎 Part 2 — Pet Souls & Pet Pieces:


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📌 For new players, please follow these steps to own a Pet:

▶️ Check our white paper: https://bit.ly/31RR7mj
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▶️ Buy Pet on our marketplace: https://dapp.moniwar.io/dashboard