🔔 “Blockchain Expo 2022” — The seminar on learning and exploring of Blockchain technology was organized by MetaHub and the Digital Transformation System (DTS), was successfully held on May 15, 2022

▶️ Moniwar is proud to be a silver sponsor of this event!

👉 Main contents of the event:
- Get to know about the guests, speakers and sponsors of the event.
- Exchange and Q&A around the topic GAMEFI ​​& GAMEGUILDS & METAVERSE.
- Future tendency of HR in the Blockchain industry, as well as useful advice comes from the speakers.

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Through this event, Moniwar hopes to enhance the bond of a partnership with MoniHub, and at the same time, brings Blockchain & GameFi projects to approach a lot of young people who are interested in exploring technology.

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Nhà phát triển trò chơi với hơn 13 năm kinh nghiệm.

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Nhà phát triển trò chơi với hơn 13 năm kinh nghiệm.

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