NFT Marketplace

Following the successful launch of the $MOWA token with a lot of attention from the public, the Moniwar team proudly brings to you the next feature going out of the shadow, Moniwar NFT Marketplace:

This is one of the most important features of the Moniwar GameFi system. Functioned as a market for our players, NFT Marketplace will be the place for all our players, and investors to interact with the $MOWA token under the following actions:

  • Staking and Farming token
  • Sell and purchase NFT items such as pet pieces, blessing star, and other various in-game items
  • Exchange $MOWA token between holders

… And there will be a lot more functions to be updated this October on our NFT Marketplace.

With the launch of Moniwar NFT Marketplace, the Moniwar team hopes to bring our players and investors the best experience with updated functions to interact with our $MOWA token and get benefits. More updated information and details will be published on our social media listed below: