We’ve seen some interesting comments regarding the latest event — Lucky Wheel. If you are still wondering, please read this article 😉

Is it really free?

Definitely yes. Moniwar is just sending gifts to you and not charging any fees.

So why was I charged?

First of all, it’s needed to recall that you are on the blockchain playground — where every transaction, every change requires a gas fee, and so does the item exchanging. No gas fee = no blockchain.

But isn’t the transaction fee a bit high?

If trading at peak hours, gas fees will be pushed up. You can wait a few more hours and then try again.

In addition, please distinguish between gas fee and gas limit. The gas number displayed after you confirm a transaction is normally the gas limit. If the gas limit is too low, the transaction may fail and all used gas fee will be lost. On the contrary, if you set the gas limit high, you will not worry about losing money while still use very little gas fee.

At this point, you must have got the answer, right? The event is up, no time to hesitate guys! 😉


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Nhà phát triển trò chơi với hơn 13 năm kinh nghiệm.

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Nhà phát triển trò chơi với hơn 13 năm kinh nghiệm.

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