“Every legend has a starting point. Welcome to Elysia — the holy land!”

2 min readNov 12, 2021

In Soma’s oral stories, people often praise the boundless world — the embodiment of the gods who protect the world.

Elysia is the most majestic land of Moniwar, whose summit is covered with snow and ice all year round, surpasses all other mountains in the world. Located far away from the human world, Elysia is completely isolated and inaccessible to anyone but those with special bloodlines.

There are many legends born in Elysia, like every other realm, this place is also divided into many social levels, headed by the Devas and Rulers (the nobility), and the inhabitants (mostly angels who are responsible for communicating and supporting).

As the war progressed, some fools had the idea of ​​infiltrating Elysian territory to overthrow the Gods and seize the fountain of power. However, the journey up the mountain is an almost impossible journey, and the few who have been fortunate enough to have returned alive do not seem to dare to tell what they have seen. There are also people who go crazy with a lifeless look in their eyes, there are also people who change to the point of being unrecognizable when they are possessed by an Angel with unparalleled power, far beyond what mortals can bear.

☠️ “Elysia may not be as glamorous as people say. Are they just demons with angel wings…?” But no one dared to make that clear.

— — — —

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