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Moniwar is an NFT game with GamePad + NFT Yield Farming + GameFi platform, obviously the earn feature will be expected by a lots of investor . However, not everyone keeps track of the updated game features. Today we will summarize the ways that you can currently earn in Moniwar:

Farming / Mining:
Simple but effective, you just need to put in liquidity or NFT and the system will automatically generate profits.

Through the main game features such as Adventure, PVP (and PVE in the near future), you will win a lot of NFT items such as upgrade stones, lucky charms, souls, pet shards,… All of these items can be traded through the marketplace system and thereby create a source of income for players. Obviously, strong players will have more item farming advantages, so don’t forget to upgrade your pet.

This is also a “gold mine” for players to earn MOWA tokens and many other valuable NFT items. The latest event is The Great War, which many gamers have been waiting for, has a total prize pool of up to tens of thousands of MOWAs. Currently Moniwar is also planning to surprise players with many interesting events in the near future, please look forward to it!

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👉 Unlike many other “hit and run” NFT games on the market, Moniwar aims at a long-term and sustainable investment community. We will favorably give more rewards to users who have farmed and upgraded pets, thereby ensuring the value of NFT items and PETs in the game. The beneficiaries of all these things are you, the long-term investors who have chosen to accompany Moniwar!

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📌 For new players, please follow these steps to own a Pet:

▶️ Check our white paper:
▶️ Create a Metamask wallet, register an account, add MOWA to your wallet:
▶️ Buy Pet on our marketplace: