We are pleased to announce that one of our partners, Bitkeep, is planning to launch swap events with partners (projects, guilds). Within the specified event duration, when users/members of projects/guilds initiate a swap from/to a token (designated by the projects/guilds) in BKSwap, they will get BKB as rewards, calculated by specific rewarding ratios (50–100%) and based on transaction fees. The partner projects and guilds will also receive BKB rewards, the amount of which will depend on the number of legit transactions during the event.

Event detail:

🎁 Get 100% rewards on BKswap

⏰ Time: 7 AM 21st Jan-4AM 26th Jan (UTC)

📌 Rule: The users who initiate MOWA transactions on BKSwap will receive 100% of the transaction fee back in the form of BKB

👉 Tutorial: https://bit.ly/3IqWRCU

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📌 For new players, please follow these steps to own a Pet:

▶️ Check our white paper: https://bit.ly/31RR7mj
▶️ Create a Metamask wallet, register an account, add MOWA to your wallet: https://docs.moniwar.io/q-a/register-an-account
▶️ Buy Pet on our marketplace: https://dapp.moniwar.io/dashboard

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