PVP — one of the most anticipated features in the Moniwar community will be available at our Beta Test version, that will be launched on November 15, 2021 (3PM UTC). Hurry up to register and be the first to experience it!

⏰ Time: 3PM UTC 15/11/2021 ~ 3PM UTC 21/11/2021

🧝🏻 Participants:

- BlindBox owners before 3PM UTC on 14/11. Open BindBox at: https://dapp.moniwar.io/nft/blind-box

- The luckiest 3000 random people participate in Beta Test registration on Gleam.io

👉Beat Test registration link: https://gleam.io/competitions/MCOOs-moniwar-beta-test-version-registration

👉Registration time: 3PM UTC 10/11 ~ 3PM UTC 14/11

‼️ Note:

Accounts and documentation will be emailed to the winners.

All ingame items and rewards will be deleted when the program ends.

— — — —

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