2 min readNov 25, 2021

🧝 After a long time of testing, researching and working with the exchange’s appraisal team, $MOWA has finally proven its strength and is ready to be listed on MEXC Global — one of the leading reputable centralized exchanges with the transaction volume of up to billions of dollars per day.

Let’s congratulate this cooperation and predict when $MOWA will officially be available on MEXC.

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👉 About MEXC Global

Founded in 2018 by experienced Wall Street experts in the blockchain and financial industries, MEXC Global has been gradually becoming a centralized exchange (CEX) attracting cash flow and a destination of many potential projects. By 2019 MEXC Global had accounted for 5% of the global digital asset market. They are also honored by popular blockchain magazines as “Most Popular Trading Platform”, “One of the Best Trading Platforms Currently”,…

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👉 About Moniwar:

Moniwar is a puzzle game combining pet collecting in the style of Battle of Legend with ancient myths. MONIWAR is the combination of GamePad + NFT Yield Farming + GameFi Play to earn, allowing players to experience and interact with NFT items in the virtual world in the MOWA entertainment metaverse. Moniwar has now passed the Alpha Test phase and is rushing to prepare for the game launch at the end of November 2021.

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📌 Buy $MOWA here:

Official Contract: 0x411ec510c85c9e56271bf4e10364ffa909e685d9
🌟 PooCoin: https://bit.ly/MOWA-PooCoin
🌟 Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap
🌟 DEXTools: https://bit.ly/MOWA-DEXTools