In order to help our community understand more about Moniwar and their own assets, our upcoming Global Live AMA will be held on 12/11/2021. In this issue, we will talk more deeply about the following topics:

- Power of pet.

- Power of $MOWA token

- Moniwar’s USPs

- Staking/farming feature

- The benefits for early investors.

- Etc…

— — — —

👉Location: Moniwar’s Youtube channel.

⏰Time: 12:00 UTC 11/12/2021

🎙 Guest: Mr.Bruce (Moniwar’s COO)

🎙 Host: Mr.Dexter (E-sport player, youtuber, influencer)

✍️ The question form for the program is ready! We will choose the best 5 questions to answer in the live AMA (2 from the GG form, 3 from the Youtube comment section). Send us your questions now!

— — — —

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