To the future Demon Kings, 🧛🏻

🎃In response to your support and expectations, #Moniwar is speeding up the progress day by day and will launch the Beta Test at 3pm November 15, 2021 (UTC time), expected to last for 6 days with the number of participants at maximum up to 5000 people!

🎃Joining Beta Test, you will experience one of the main features of the game — PVP. With many attractive game modes such as 1vs1, 3vs3, and smart opponent selection system, it will promise extremely fiery and brainstorming matches.

🎃Like the Alpha version, Beta accounts are for testing purposes only. All ingame items and rewards will be deleted thereafter.

Details on how to participate will be gradually updated on our channels. Follow us to get the latest news!

Moniwar development team.

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