So we have ended the 48-hour journey of making our first footprints on the land of #Moniwar through the Alpha Test event. Believe that our Mowarrians have all had interesting experiences of their own. Here are some impressive stats:

🎉 After only 30 minutes of opening, the Alpha Test version has received support from the future 1845 Demon King. This is really an encouragement to #Moniwar so that we can try harder to bring the best experiences to you.

In total, nearly 200 Bugs were submitted by the community and sent to Moniwar in just 2 short days, WOW! We will quickly compile the exact bugs and list the first Mowarrians to successfully report each bug, then announce and proceed to award the Bug Hunting Bounty event, stay tuned!

Feedback is positive (and not very positive…) about this version:

- Beautiful and impressive graphics

- Easy gameplay

- Good music

- Unstable and lagging connection, especially in the first 2 hours (fixed)

- Passing the stage does not consume energy due to a system error (fixed)

- Playable only on PC (this is Moniwar’s intention in installing and deploying Alpha Test)

Regarding the correctly reported Bugs, the programming team is trying to solve, and limit errors as much as possible, so that the Open Beta version and the official version to be released this month will be the final, optimal version. The best.

See you all at the official Open Beta version. There will be a lot of interesting information and events revealed in just days away from now. If you have any questions about the game, please contact us directly for the earliest answer.

Once again, thank you for your attention! ❤️

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